Grodzinski’s Bakery (Toronto)

Sweets on sweets on sweets.

From breakfast pastries to cakes and indescribably tasty treats, this shop is a must visit! For most people with nut-allergies, enjoying a chocolate danish, croissant, or other breakfast pastry is a dream. Nut-Free, Grodzinski Bakery made this a reality for us!

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On our short trip to Toronto we visited this bakery at least 3 times! Whether it was to grab a quick bite of dessert or stop for a delicious, gourmet breakfast the family vote always seemed to be “Grodzinski’s!”

While there a few nut-free restaurants in America, walking into a dessert shop, looking at the mouth-watering items, picking your craving, and having it simply handed to you is rare instance – so we definitely took advantage of this opportunity in Canada.

Next time you are in Toronto use your cheat day for Grodzinski’s. Whether you grab a muffin, danish, roll, bagel, croissant, or some breakfast item – or you decide to satisfy your sweet tooth with their exotic desserts Grodzinski’s is a must visit. From the “domino” made of layered cakes, mousse, and chocolate, to delectable black forest or mango pastries this restaurant truly has something for everyone.

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We are at a loss for words to even describe all the delicious pastries they had to offer and the warm and welcoming environment. This post doesn’t do the restaurant justice – frankly we haven’t even begun to explain the wondrous offerings of Grodzinski (probably because we have started to drool just remembering the fine food we had while we were there).

Don’t do yourself a disservice by not visiting Grodzinski’s next time you are in Toronto!



Short & Sweet: Toronto’s Hidden Gem!

As a chocolate and sweets loving family – Short & Sweet was like stumbling onto a little slice of heaven. From tarts to sammies to cupcakes to extreme milkshakes to so much more this restaurant has something that will cater to everyone! The shop was full when we arrived – a testament to its delicious products.

And guess what? All of these mouth-watering desserts are nut-free!

We struggled to decide which of all their wonderful products to try first. We finally settled on s’mores milkshakes, a coconut cupcake, and a chocolate peach tart to share.

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As we enjoyed our sweet treats in this beautifully decorated lively environment we couldn’t stop smiling. This was absolutely one of the best places we had visited and boy were we glad we decided to go there.

Canada is (thankfully) full of allergy-friendly restaurants and nut-free bakeries. If you’re planning a trip there, there sure is a lot to try, but do not leave this one off your list!

Read about a selection of their products on their website.

Baked2Go – Montreal

Breads? Muffins? Brownies? Cookies? Looking for an on-the-go breakfast item or a sweet treat? Baked2Go in Montreal is the place to be!

This trendy establishment offers a variety of gluten-free, nut-free, and sesame-free products for its customers to enjoy! They even offer products low in sugar or high in protein depending on what suits your specific diet.

We can assure you their items are absolutely delicious – a must stop on your next trip to Montreal!
Check out their website and get a 15% Off Coupon!



Moxie’s Grill & Bar: Downtown Toronto

This sports-bar style restaurant really gets you in the groove of downtown life! The environment is so refreshing and lively – you feel great as soon as you walk in.

Once we were seated we informed the waiter of the nut allergy. He asked about severity (whether cross-contamination was a problem). After saying yes, he explained that for more severe allergies they like to go through the manager and chef before placing in order, rather than simply showing us their allergy menu. Truly impressed, we waited for the manager who promptly came over to our table.

After asking what we were in the mood to eat, she spoke into her ear piece as she discussed dining options, necessary modifications, and relayed any questions to the chef while sitting beside us.

Soon after we were enjoying delicious appetizer Caesar Salads followed by delectable entrees like the Ginger & Teriyaki Rice Bowl. As some other members of our family had ordered the same items, there was a slight concern that the “nut free” order might get mixed up. Our worries went away when the manager came out carrying the nut-free entrée and the waiter the rest of the table’s, ensuring a safe meal.

While ordering the manager had mentioned to us that ensuring people with all sorts of dietary requirements could enjoy a meal at Moxie’s was a huge priority for them. If you find yourself in Downtown Toronto (or one of their other locations!) in need of a yummy and filling meal definitely check them out! Refer to their aforementioned mild allergen guide here.

The Main Café: Nut-Free Lunch & Dessert Spot in Niagara Falls

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Gourmet Cupcakes Galore! Looking for delicious cupcakes and other desserts to enjoy after a light, nut-free lunch? The Main Café in Niagara Falls has got you covered!

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This cute establishment offers a wide selection of lunch menu items (that sell out fast!) as well as a variety of desserts to choose from. We sampled the Black Forest Cupcake, Oreo Cupcake, and Salted Caramel – and they were absolutely delicious!

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Nut-free gourmet ready-made desserts are difficult to find! If you want to expand your palette and try some new and unique, desserts and lunch options, the Main Café is the place to go!

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt: Canada & USA

Frozen Yogurt Shops? Ice Cream Shops? It’s SO hard to find allergy-friendly shops of this kind. But Menchie’s has got you covered! With a few locations in the US and Canada – Menchie’s has a wide variety of frozen yogurt flavors with wonderful allergy labeling.

We visited a location in the heart of Downtown Toronto and had a wonderful experience. Each frozen yogurt machine had information on the allergens present and cross contaminated allergens! From our experiences in Canada and in the US, we learnt that the Vanilla and Chocolate flavors typically stay in their same machine, as well as some of the fruit flavors to avoid flavors with other allergens causing cross contamination! Furthermore, they try to rotate flavors with nuts (such as Nutella) in the same machines to avoid spreading of the allergen. They still follow strict allergy protocols to clean the machines in between flavors to avoid cross contamination.

Head on over to Menchie’s and fill yourself up a cup of frozen yogurt with your favorite flavors today! And here’s one more thing ~ add toppings! Most Menchie’s locations segregate their nut toppings from their nut free toppings so people with nut allergies can add things to their frozen yogurt too! What a treat 🙂

Check out their interactive online menu chalk full of information about each flavor including but not limited to: allergens, presence/absence of high fructose corn syrup, “real” ingredients, live/active cultures, and more!

Laurie’s Kitchen: Nut-Free Breakfast & Lunch in Niagara Falls

Looking for a nut-free breakfast in Niagara Falls? Not far from the Falls themselves and conveniently located in a lodge, Laurie’s Kitchen has the perfect traditional breakfast and lunch options for its customers!

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Try from their selection of omelettes, pancakes, or traditional Belgian waffles and add berries or chocolate chips if you’d like! Want to add bacon, sausage, or something else? Their menu has tons of options to choose from and you’ll be sure to enjoy whatever you order!

They even offer Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Vegan Nut Free Pancakes & Waffles and work to cater to people with different dietary needs.
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Can this brunch spot get any better? It can! The restaurant is decorated with posters and signs that inform customers with fast food allergy facts. A nut free restaurant that ALSO spreads food allergy awareness and has an EpiPen on site? What’s not to love?

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DISCLAIMER: As always, be sure to communicate your allergies to the restaurant staff to the extent that YOU are comfortable with the way they are handled. For guidance in this matter we recommend our App, AllergySmartz.