Vacation Series #3: International Travel

While both the 911 response and the ER protocol are uniform within the USA, things can be different in other countries. Please research ahead of your arrival to a new country/place about contingency management for an allergic reaction.

Research, research, research! Before you leave, look up typical cuisines popular in the country you are visiting. Gather background regarding which foods tend to contain your allergen. If you know a cuisine or category of dishes relies heavily on your allergen, avoid ordering from that category. Don’t be afraid to ask! In most cases, people are very understanding and don’t want to be responsible for an allergic reaction. They want to help! If not, it’s probably not a safe environment as they aren’t taking your allergy seriously. If you don’t feel comfortable ordering from the list of exotic dishes on the menu, ask for a special order and order a meal you feel comfortable with. AND… use AllergySmartz – a great way to communicate food allergies and safety precautions when there is a language barrier!

Most importantly, don’t forget your allergy and emergency protocol! (Take your emergency medicine, call 911’s equivalent, and go the hospital immediately!) Don’t feel intimidated and enjoy the trip!

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