Say NO to Baking Birthday Parties – NO MORE!

Remember Chef Dennis’ Bakery which I raved about in my last post? Well, exciting news!

Are you getting ready to celebrate a birthday? Thinking about ideas for your party? How about a baking party!

I fondly recall a baking birthday party with Chef Dennis when I was in elementary school. I was enthusiastic about the idea of a baking party, but most bakeries we approached said they couldn’t guarantee a nut-free experience. We had recently starting ordering desserts from Chef Dennis and he happily agreed to do it!

I still remember the wonderful peanut-free and tree nut-free party… we baked hand-shaped cookies and iced on bracelets, rings, and nail polish! Each of the guests also got to decorate a personalized cupcake for the birthday girl!! That was a lot of cupcakes 😉 Not only that we learned to be gourmet chefs with our chef’s hats as we braided french bread, tossed pizza dough, and much, much more! It was a wonderful allergy-safe birthday!

If you are looking for a birthday baking celebration I encourage you to get in touch with Chef Dennis via his Facebook or his Website! Remember, he can throw you a peanutfree, tree nutfree, eggfree, dairyfree, wheatfree, soyfree, or glutenfree party! He will work with you to create your perfect party!

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