Restaurant Week Reveal #2


Welcome to Day 2 of FAL’s Restaurant Week!

Do you enjoy Italian cuisine? Who doesn’t?! Pizza, pasta, the works. Olive Garden is the place to be!

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Firstly, Olive Garden staff is incredibly warm and welcoming. I feel at ease when approaching them regarding my tree nut allergies. I’m thrilled to say that most of the items on their menu are safe for nut-allergic people. However, when I want to try something new or am unsure about a particular item the staff is always willing and happy to help me.

I recall a waiter telling me how they had been debriefed to handle allergies so they knew about preventing cross-contamination, etc. His first response when I told him about my allergies was pulling out a piece of paper from his pocket listing the allergens in each menu item.

I definitely recommend Olive Garden, not only as a restaurant with delicious food, but also as one that will make you feel safe and confident in regards to your allergies.

Still unsure? Take a look for yourself! Check out their allergy menu here:

And stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – Day 3 of restaurant week on FAL at 4:00 PM EST!

Disclaimer: As always, be sure to communicate your allergies to the restaurant staff to the extent that YOU are comfortable with the way they are handling them. For guidance in this matter we recommend our App, AllergySmartz.

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