Restaurant Week Reveal #5


Day 5 of FAL Restaurant Week is upon us!

Chili’s is by far one of my favorite go-to restaurants, especially for Tex-Mex! With such a great variety of options, there is always something new to try.

Chili’s offers an amazing group dining experience – while you order separate meals you can still share with your fellow diners. I especially love ordering something like tacos or fajitas where I get to indulge more in the experience by self-assembling my meal.

But don’t be frightened! Though it is a group dining experience, the staff are cautious and well informed of allergies and are happy to make the entire group’s entree allergy-safe so you can join in!

The staff at Chili’s is so welcoming everytime I go – definitely a restaurant to try!

Wondering what you’ll have when you visit? Check out their allergy menu here:

We hope you have been enjoying restaurant week so far! Tune in tomorrow for more 🙂


Disclaimer: As always, be sure to communicate your allergies to the restaurant staff to the extent that YOU are comfortable with the way they are handling them. For guidance in this matter we recommend our App, AllergySmartz.

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