Special Superbowl Restaurant! Reveal #7

greene turtle


Need BIG GAME party help that is allergy friendly? There is still time! Whether you’re a Bronco or a Panther, why not head over to the Greene Turtle Sports Bar and Grille for a truly SUPER time!

Grab some chicken tenders and pulled pork sandwiches [take full credit for preparing such a delicious spread – it’ll be our secret ;)]. They have party platter menus too!

Check out their allergy menu for more options here: http://thegreeneturtle.com/media/files/additional_menus/menu-allergen.pdf

Most people with food allergies aren’t able to try desserts like chocolate volcanoes or brownie sundaes, but Greene Turtle makes it a point to offer allergy-friendly alternatives for these – and they are scrumptious!

So sit back, and enjoy your Big Game party!

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response about FAL Restaurant Week there will be a bonus post tomorrow! Tune in 🙂

Disclaimer: As always, be sure to communicate your allergies to the restaurant staff to the extent that YOU are comfortable with the way they are handling them. For guidance in this matter we recommend our App, AllergySmartz.

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