Clyde‘s! One of our favorite, and one of the earliest allergy friendly restaurants!

The Clyde‘s staff is warm and welcoming and their menu is full of exotic choices! Whether you are allergic to a Top 8 allergen, or a lesser known food, Clyde‘s strives to ensure that every customer has a delicious and enjoyable dining experience.

When I first visited Clyde‘s I posed my many food allergy questions to the waiter. They were incredibly understanding, reassuring, and had tremendous knowledge on how to handle food allergies. They answered many of my questions before I even asked!

One of the unique things about Clyde’s is that not only is the chef notified when an allergen-free meal is being prepared, but the managers, host, kitchen staff, and other servers are all told to be careful by your waiter. Everyone is truly looking out for you!

Whether you are just grabbing a sandwich or going out for Clyde‘s famous shakes with your friends, you’ll have a marvelous experience! Highly recommend Clyde‘s to anyone – no matter what food allergies you may have!


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