Travel Turbulence: Food Ideas + Pro-Tips for Long Haul Flights

Being cooped up in an airborne metal chute on long haul flights can be nerve-wracking. Having experienced the trepidations as you board to “Fly the Allergy Unfriendly Skies,” galvanized us to compile this list.

NOTE: This list is loosely classified by mealtimes, but travelling often interferes with your body clock, so you may find yourself eating bagels at 10 pm. 🙂


  1. Bring bagels and single-serve jams/jellies. Assemble a delicious breakfast item on the flight!
  2. Bring small boxes of cereal. Ask the flight attendants for milk. They should have some when coming around with coffee, but will bring it separately if requested.

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  3. Pack some instant oatmeal. Just add hot water! You can get it by asking the flight attendants.

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  4. Enjoy hard-boiled eggs. Pack them in a CLEAR baggie, so they can be inspected at Security.
  5. Carry homemade muffins. They’re delicious and high in fiber.QHADHSSH


  1. Bring a cup of noodles. Low sodium is preferable. Just add some hot water (available onboard) and you’re good to go!QAILNOODLES.png
  2. Pack soup. Most companies make individual sized bowls that can be made by just adding hot water.QANSOUP
  3. Make a tuna sandwich. Make sure to buy “no drain” tuna, and make sure it has a pullback tab.

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  1. Order a fruit platter ahead of time. Most airlines offer some version of this, often with yogurt. It can be ordered at ticket purchase, or usually up to 48 hours before your flight.
  2. Create your own fresh fruit/veggie baggies. Place some carrot sticks, celery sticks, grapes, cherries, oranges, etc., in a baggie. You CANNOT take it through Security in a foreign country, even if it is only a layover. Of course, it is not allowed through Immigration.
  3. Sun Maid Raisins are a healthy and delicious snack. They’re small and easily portable, and will keep you satisfied while also providing energy.QARAISINS
  4. Bring along snack bars. Fiber One, Nutri-grain, and Enjoy Life are all very well-labeled, so check for your allergy needs.

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  5. Bake brownies/cookies. Many allergy-friendly mixes are available.
  6. Pack tortilla chips and single-serve packs of salsa. You may have to put the chips in your own plastic bag (due to size issues).

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  7. Take pudding. Hunt’s Snack Pack makes delicious puddings of various flavors. No refrigeration required.SNACKPACK.png
  8. Bring along some crackers. There’s a wide variety of allergy-safe crackers, and many delicious flavors!

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BRING ALONG AllergySmartz! On your travels, AllergySmartz can assist you in communicating the severity of food allergies, and the necessary precautions, to restaurant staff around the world!

To download from the Android Store, CLICK HERE. To download from the Apple Store, CLICK HERE.

food allergy app logo

Pro tip: It’s always a good idea to have a note from your allergist that your Epi-Pen and food are necessary to bring along, and do not pose a threat to anyone.

Now, you can truly fly the friendly skies!


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