Halloween Intel #7: Nut-Free Cookies, Cupcakes, Sweets Galore at Walmart

While cupcakes seem very mainstream to adults, in elementary school there is somewhat of an “enduring love affair with cupcakes!” Cupcakes stand out for their red-carpet glamour and infinite flavor and color combinations. Yet if you have Tree-Nut or Peanut allergies most cupcakes are out of bounds — as appealing those food colorings may be to the eyes of a 2nd Grader at the Halloween, Fall, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day class party, they cannot indulge.

Thankfully, we spotted this entire display at our local Walmart! Need a last-minute Halloween Party treat? Preparing for a Fall Festival? Grab some festive cookies, cupcakes, and other treats that are Peanut-Free, Tree-Nut Free, and made in a Nut-Free Facility today! They even have large packs that you could sign-up to bring in for a class party!

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They’ve got frosted green and orange sugar cookies, orange and white vanilla cupcakes, green and white confetti cupcakes, cat and pumpkin sugar cookies, pumpkin cookie sandwiches, frosted red, orange, and yellow sugar cookies, green and orange vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, large sprinkled pumpkin sugar cookies, and artistic individually wrapped Halloween sugar cookies.

Head to your local Walmart and grab your favorites today!


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