Introducing AllergySmartz! A new food allergy app designed to help people communicate their food allergies and the precautions needed for safe food preparation to restaurant staff in foreign countries – despite language barriers!

Android Store: CLICK HERE
Apple Store:

Special Features:

  1. Available for both iPhone and Android.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, NO INTERNET ACCESS IS NEEDED for use! It’s ideal for when you are travelling abroad.
  3. Top 13 Allergens currently available. (Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Soy, Peanuts, Legumes, Tree Nuts, Fish, Crustacean Shellfish, Molluscan Shellfish, Sesame, Mustard, and Corn.)
  4. 20 Languages currently available. (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, Korean, Chinese, Romanian, German, Hindi, Filipino, Chinese, Bahasa Malay, Romanian, Arabic, Russian, Hungarian, Bahasa Indonesian, Japanese, and Vietnamese.)
  5. English is not required to use the application. Select any of 20 languages and translate into another of the 20 languages!

Co-Creators: Shirali Nigam & Arul Nigam
Medical Consultant: Dr. Robert Wood
Public Relations Strategist: Arul Nigam
Digital Marketing Advisor: Ishika Narain
Software Mentor: Rajarshi Nigam
Software Advisor: Krishna Chaganti

Language Advisors:

Hindi: Madhavendra Prasad
Russian: Deep Mathur
German: Rakesh Lal
French: Alexis Humphrey
Spanish: Kanika Tawakley
Italian: Neha Mathur
Portuguese: Manoel Rodrigues Pereira Neto
Turkish: Zeynep Gur
Korean: Miok Pak
Hebrew: Yehonatan Shiman
Hungarian: Kinga Roppanto
Romanian: Kinga Roppanto
Japanese: Sayaka Okano
Bahasa Indonesian: Junita Hutagaol
Vietnamese: Tuyen Nguyen
Arabic: Eman Haji
Filipino: Smita Sinha
Bahasa Malay: Aida Aris
Chinese: Mian Chen

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