Chocolate Mice, Cauliflower Skulls, and Strawberry Ghosts!!

A night of Jack-O-Lanterns, ghoulish displays of ghosts and goblins, black cats and witches on broomsticks, are hallmarks of Halloween! The excitement in kids as they countdown to wearing their creative costumes, and trick-or-treating is palpable for weeks leading up to Halloween.

Unknown to most, however, for a child with food allergies there is much trepidation. Milk, peanuts, tree-nuts, and more in candy/party treats impose a threat.

Be your own agent and surveil every piece of candy!!

Below is a collage of allergy-safe halloween treats, some sweet, some savory, and some positively disgusting! These will be sure to spice up your party and keep everyone safe!



Those of us affected by food allergies are a TEAM! Add yourself to this great resource from FARE:

It’s a crowd-sourced map for the Teal Pumpkin Project, which allows you to add your home and show that you are handing out allergy-safe candy to your trick-or-treaters. You can also find out which homes near you have registered, and be sure to stop at them!

That’s not all. Here are some past FAL Halloween Posts:

Teal Pumpkins for Halloween


Courtesy of FARE

For all my candy lovers! Do you find yourself not being able to eat half the candy you collect while Trick-Or-Treating? Look for Teal Pumpkins in your neighborhood! FARE launched a new program in 2014 – they are encouraging families to put out Teal Pumpkins if they have non-food treats to offer!

If you offer these treats yourself put out a pumpkin to alert the other allergic-kids in the neighborhood! Thanks for your support!

Check out FARE for more information here.

Allergy-Safe Halloween Treats!

Halloween decor

Photo Courtesy of Penn State News

Hey Everyone! I’m so excited by the wonderful response I received about my last post. I’m thrilled so many of you are planning to do a Teal Pumpkin for Halloween this year!

For some inspiration, I thought I’d share some ideas on Allergy-Safe treats you could offer. For one, Dum-dum lollipops are free of the Top 7 Allergens – so those might be a good idea to keep around! In terms of non-food treats, packs of pencils, puzzles, party favors, nail polishes, books, small stuffed animals – all things you can find at your local dollar store!

I like to think in terms of what I might put in a goody bag – those treats are usually inexpensive but still super fun!


I’m so excited for Halloween! (As you can tell by all my Halloween themed posts🙂 )

These NUT FREE Halloween cookies are SO delicious and only have Wheat and Egg as major allergens!! They are wonderful for any event from costume parties to snacking while watching a scary movie! Enjoy🙂



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A Letter to Family

Here at FAL we want to educate as many people about food allergies as we can.

Sometimes family members are not very accommodating of food allergies, especially elderly relatives. It’s not because they don’t care, they do, they simply don’t understand.  Today, we have for you a letter template to fill out and send to relatives before you meet them. Here it is!


There are few others in this world who love (NAME OF CHILD) as dearly as you do. We are thankful that you are such an important part of his/her life.

As you know [NAME OF CHILD] is allergic to [ALLERGEN]. Therefore, I wanted to discuss with you briefly what [ALLERGEN] allergies mean.

What the food allergy means is that [NAME OF CHILD] body treats even a minuscule amount of  [ALLERGEN] as an enemy. If [NAME OF CHILD] eats or is exposed to [ALLERGEN] he/she can get very sick.

[ALLERGEN] allergies are NOT a disease. [NAME OF CHILD] is a normal, active child.  

The signs of an allergic reaction are:

  •       abdominal pain or cramps
  •       diarrhea
  •       difficulty breathing
  •       difficulty swallowing
  •       dizziness
  •       fear or anxiety
  •       flushing of the face
  •       heart palpitations
  •       itchy red spots (hives) on the skin
  •       itchy/watery eyes
  •       loss of consciousness
  •       nasal congestion
  •       nausea/vomiting
  •       pain or tightness in the chest
  •       scratchy throat
  •       swelling of the face, eyes, or tongue
  •       wheezing

Sometimes, exposure to an allergen could cause the windpipe to swell up, and the blood pressure to drop dangerously low.  This could develop just seconds after exposure to [ALLERGEN]. An allergic reaction is an EMERGENCY…it needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY! If left untreated, it could be fatal within minutes.

When we meet, we can talk about what the course of action is, if this were to happen to [NAME OF CHILD].

It is for this reason that I view and handle [NAME OF CHILD] diet very differently.

While at times it may seem I am very overprotective of him/her with regards to food, or it may seem I am not letting [NAME OF CHILD] savor and enjoy food like other children, I HAVE TO DO THIS in order to keep [NAME OF CHILD] safe.

I am requesting your support for while we are together, so that while having a good time, together we can do everything to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction.

For reasons due to allergy, he/she may miss out on a family recipe or other goodies. Regardless of the food, he/she always enjoys being around you.

If you would like to cook using a recipe that is allergy safe for [NAME OF CHILD], please let me know what you need. I will get the allergy safe ingredients. Having food cooked by [RELATIONSHIP OF CHILD TO RELATIVE] is always so special and I am sure [NAME OF CHILD] will always treasure this.

We are looking forward to the visit. Thank you for honoring this request.

Warm regards,