Useful Information!

  1. Check out AllergySmartz! AllergySmartz is a FREE food allergy app designed to help travelers communicate their food allergies/precautions for safe food preparation to restaurant staff in foreign countries – despite language barriers!
    • AllergySmartz currently features the Top 13 Allergens and 20 different languages. AllergySmartz is even user-friendly to non-native English speakers!  The App is available for both iPhone and Android, and NO internet access is needed to use it – making AllergySmartz ideal for travel abroad.
    • Download AllergySmartz here:
      Android Store: CLICK HERE
      Apple Store: CLICK HERE
  2. Read our blog! Either click foodallergylowdown at the top of this page or click here.
  3. Walgreens’ Wal-dryl – whether you are traveling or just want to carry less Wal-dryl is a great substitute to Benadryl! It even comes in single doses!wal-dryl
  4. Allergy-Safe Nuts!

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